Neonlight – Microbots (Free Download)

Ahead of Neonlight’s debut album ‘My Galactic Tale’, they are releasing a sampler EP and have also just released a free download of a bonus track called Microbots. As heavy and weighty as you would expect, this is Neonlight at their best. Check out the link below to download.


Delta Heavy – Oscillator / Fun House Review

This is Delta Heavy’s last single before the release of their amazing debut LP Paradise Lost. It contains two tracks, both of which are bass heavy and are sure to detonate the dance floor (and your sound system).

First up is Oscillator, the anthem which racked up many views on youtube after a leak earlier in the year. It starts off slowly with a vocal commentary about how digital music tracks are made (each tone displays an entirely different harmonic spectrum…), but then the saw waves kick in and when it drops it is no holds barred mayhem, with the lead pounding throughout. Then, the second drop returns to classic dnb with a switch of the beat. Sure fire madness.

Secondly there is Fun House, an LFO-fuelled onslaught into high intensity dnb with its modulated weighty bassline and searing leads. Again, Delta Heavy seem to be masters of the second drop switch with an alternative bassline pattern, then back again with the original towards the end.

Delta Heavy have done it again, with superb production values and another two dance floor tracks to add to the bag.

I rate this EP 5/5, definitely go and check this one out!

First Mix

Here is my first uploaded mix, it includes all the tracks I’m enjoying at the moment mixed together with 2 mix decks on a Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk2. I have uploaded it to Mixcloud, and you can play it below. I hope you enjoy it.


Stakka, Skynet and Friction – Altitude (Break Remix)

June Miller – Robots and Romans (Audio Remix)

Rockwell – Rave Cult ft. Phace

Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP

Metrik – Slipstream

Delta Heavy – Pathways

Mind Vortex – Future Fold

Noisia – Brainstitch

Total Science – Flip Flop (2015 remaster)

Logistics – Highway 1

Cyantific – Space Station Kru (2015 remaster)

Commix – Roots Train

Submerse – Everything Will Be OK

Logistics – Release The Pressure EP Review

This is a classic Logistics release from 2005, his second EP on Hospital Records. It comprises 4 bass rollers all with the energy and soul you would expect from Logistics.

First there is the title track, Release The Pressure. This track is a heavyweight track complete with crushing bass pressure and sublime drums scattered around the bassline, and the vocal sample of the track’s title relentlessly repeated throughout.

Second comes West Country, my favourite of the EP. It is a real classic Logistics roller, crunchy drums and a really deep bassline which is accompanied with an interesting soundtrack of shouts and buzzes, keeping you locked into the sound. It is really hard to tear yourself away from this one, but just watch out for the second drop!

Thirdly comes Summer Sun, which starts slowly with a throwback breakbeat which then launches you full force into yet another 174bpm attack, full of energy and just perfect for a hot summer day. Again, rolling drums and relentless deep bass propel you through its 6 minutes length.

Finally to complete the EP, there is Thunder Child. It starts with a thunderous cascading break and a vocal sample, then the synth pads begin and you know that it is instantly going to be a classic. This is Logistics at his soulful best, with the synth bass combo and vocal sample chopped and delayed throughout the track amongst the breakbeat.

I rate this EP 5/5, definitely go and check this one out!