Commix – Generation 1 EP Review

Commix – not a name you hear often on new music releases, but yet a name that has made its mark on drum and bass. By releasing 3 albums and a series of single releases, featuring tracks such as the dark roller ‘Satellite Type 2’ and the beautiful and soulful ‘Be True’, you know that any new music from them will be met with very high expectations. Now producing solo, George Levings is back with the Generations 1 EP on Metalheadz, comprising 2 new pieces ‘Generations’ and ‘Deepdubs’ and a Spectrasoul remix of the 2009 classic ‘Justified’.

First up is the remix Spectrasoul remix of Justified. They have taken the original bass roller and stripped it back to reveal crunchy drum hits and clean reverberated bass shots, accompanied with haunting pad sounds.

Next is the title track Generations. This is classic Commix, with a bass so deep that you feel as if you’re falling through a void in spacetime, and the ominous sound of drums echoing throughout. Make sure you turn up those subs though!

Finally is Deepdubs, the name kind of gives it away: very deep bass punctuated by a shuffling drum pattern at a different, slower tempo, with an atmospheric, almost metallic sounding pad filling the ambient space.

I rate this release 4/5, a solid release. I am definitely looking forward to more from Commix in the future!


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