Ten Years Of Med School – Review

I have been listening to this release a lot this past week, and I’ve got to congratulate the med school team, as they have really outdone themselves on this release. The selection is outstanding, with 15 essential new cuts and 13 classics from the vault, every track of extremely high quality. It also includes a brilliant mix by Etherwood, effortlessly transitioning between the tracks. I will discuss my favourite 4 new tracks below.

First up is Eyes On Me, a collaboration between Royalston and Etherwood. The first thing that hits you is the beautiful soothing piano with the vocal, and then it drops into a mayhem of clattering drums and distorted bass, all the while retaining the piano and vocal as to not become too heavy. Effortless and chilled with amazing production values.

Next is Lyssakses by Anile and Blu Mar Ten, probably my favourite off the LP. It begins with a classic dnb beat, with haunting atmospheric sound effects, but then drops you into a modulating and shifting distorted bassline that is just amazing, surrounded by chopped vocals and more effects delayed and reverbed to add so much character to the track. The second drop throws you back in again but with more distortion, to add some more interesting variation.

Next is the instrumental version of Restless by Rawtekk. With their second LP just over the horizon, they have really pulled out all the stops to deliver an amazing track for this LP. With a chunky chopped almost garage like break, and a wobbling bass, this has amazing sound design that is an exciting introduction to their new forthcoming LP.

Finally is the beautiful Keeno remix of Falling Out Of Consciousness by Etherwood. This is such an amazing remix of an already incredible track. The drums and bass are stunning, also watch out for the bass drop before the vocal ‘Falling Out Of Consciousness’, which is almost ethereal. Listen out for this in the mix after Lyssakses, the two go so well together.

Overall, I rate this release 5/5, a must listen.


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