Emperor – Dispositions Preview

Ever since Emperor’s Into Black EP released on Critical Records last May, I have been eagerly awaiting new material from him with high expectations. Well, his debut album is finally here and after listening to some of the tracks released so far it does not disappoint. I will discuss my favourite 3 from the already released previews: Haste, From Ashes and Interstellar.

Haste begins with an ominous atmospheric pad with crackling drums and a rising bassline, before dropping into all out chaos. With noisia-style wobbling bass and interesting sound effects, alongside amazing production and also sounding great in a mix, this is definitely one to watch.

From Ashes is apparently Emperor’s earliest completed track on the album. Again with an ominous intro, it is a full on neuro rampage with a grinding bass, rolling hihats and a really groovy feel. This is one meant for the dance floor.

Finally, Interstellar is my favourite of all the previewed tracks so far. A collaboration with Centra, it begins with a filtered bass and futuristic effects, but then the bass drops and all you feel is weight. Chunky, thunderous drums (I have never heard a kick and snare sound so huge) reverberate around the room, it starts with an interesting bass pattern but then switches to a usual rolling pattern. But, the second drop where the build up starts with filtered bassline and then goes quiet, with a vocal sample and then the drop… this is Emperor at his best, bringing heavyweight bass and his masterful production style to drum and bass.

Overall, a good start to an increasingly interesting LP. The neurofunk master has returned.


Break – Unification Preview

Forthcoming on the CIA 20 LP, this slice of rolling funk is just too good to not put up. With Break’s trademark precision drums and thunderous pounding bassline, held together by grooooove and a chopped, delayed vocal sample, this is Break at his finest. The sampler is out on the 3rd of June, with the LP to follow. Check out the audio starting at 30:32 in Friction’s Radio 1 DNB Show: http://bbc.in/1rBTb9K.

Mattdnb 2016 Summer Mixtape

This is a selection of my favourite dnb tracks over the past year. I have included the complete tracklist below, and have also added 32 of the 35 tracks into a youtube playlist. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Subwave – Bring Me Down
  2. Grum – Straight To Your Heart (Legion & Logam Remix)
  3. Break – The Uprising
  4. Krakota – Lazy Bones
  5. Metrik – Slipstream
  6. Delta Heavy – Pathways
  7. Logistics – Sentimentality
  8. Commix – Satellite Type 2
  9. Spectrasoul – Sometimes We Lie…
  10. Matrix and Futurebound – Glow Worm
  11. Riya and Break – I Don’t Need
  12. Culture Shock – Steam Machine
  13. Kryptic Minds – The Truth (InsideInfo Remix)
  14. Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP
  15. Logistics – West Country
  16. Anile and Blu Mar Ten – Lyssakses
  17. Friction and Fourward – Hyperion
  18. Emperor and Centra – Interstellar
  19. Digital and Klute – Lightworks
  20. Kove – El Camino
  21. The Upbeats – Pharaoh
  22. Konichi – Reverse Cold
  23. Zinc – Show Me (Calibre Remix)
  24. Neonlight – Project Flare
  25. Simplification, Translate and Amaning – Get Down
  26. Maduk – One Way
  27. Chords – Red Rings
  28. Mind Vortex – Overture
  29. Culture Shock – Raindrops
  30. Deadmau5 – Avaritia (Dimension Bootleg)
  31. Sub Focus – Deep Space
  32. Calyx and Teebee – Wipeout
  33. ShockOne – Polygon
  34. Nero – Electron
  35. Spor – Aztec (Calyx and Teebee Remix)

Maduk – Never Give Up Review

This is the debut album of Maduk, Liquicity co-founder and upcoming dnb producer. Throughout the 12 summer tunes you get an insight into his amazing production values and trademark upbeat style, which he has used here to great effect. Every track is amazing, with the standouts ‘One Way’, ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Falling’ discussed below.

The first time I heard One Way I wan’t sure what to expect, but when realising it is actually a bass-heavy rinse out quickly became one of my favourite tracks on the LP. With searing hi hats, punchy kicks and snares and a rolling, groovy bassline this is definitely one to be played at the highest volume.

The title track Never Give Up is also a standout, with a haunting opening giving way to the chopped vocals and beautiful piano, with tuneful melody and side chained, almost distorted bass keeping you pulled in for the whole track. It is really uplifting, and well deserving of the title track of the LP.

Falling is a different matter entirely, because it is a half time dubstep track and not dnb. With its arpeggiated filtered chords and ‘stop falling down’ vocal resonating throughout the track, alongside the deeper vocal from MVE accompanying the beautiful electronic influenced melody and bass, it makes for a great penultimate track. The second drop is where it’s at though.

Overall, I rate this release 5/5, a must listen.