Krakota – Strange System Review

Krakota has been on a roll as of late, with the stunning ‘Citadels EP’ releasing last September followed up by his debut LP ‘Strange System’ this month. Full of jungle breaks and 808s, moody synths and lots of deep bass, this is definitely one not to miss. The standout tracks for me were ‘North Winds’, ‘Turn Of Fate’ and ‘Half Life’.

North Winds is the first track on the LP, and starts the album off with an assault of clattering breaks and deep bass hits, accompanied with grinding, crushing harmonic frequencies pushing through the mix. A true jungle rinse out, this is an instant classic.

Turn Of Fate changes the tempo a bit, with vocal chops surrounded by reverberated synths and a slower, half-time tempo. Fear not though, because the bass is there and so is the second drop twist.

Half Life is my third stand-out track, mainly because it is an all out frenzy with full on energy after the drop, with a crunchy synth mirroring the bassline whilst providing momentum to push the track forward alongside the fierce drums.

I rate this 5/5, a must listen.