Hospital: We Are 21 Review

Where do I start with this review? Across 68 tracks and 2 mixes, this encompasses the entire dnb spectrum from soulful liquid to heavy dance floor hits. The first mix is more focused on the mainstream, whereas the second mix goes in and has a much darker and techier feel. I will focus on 5 of my favourite tracks here, although there are many more that I don’t have space for.

Break – Unification: This track was taken from the CIA 20 years compilation, and is one of my favourite tracks of 2016. With Break’s signature groove and funk present throughout, this is a classic roller with crunchy drums and an lfo bassline.

Flite – Awakening: An exclusive for this compilation, this is some of the finest liquid dnb around at the moment. With soaring synths and smooth drums, and a live bass part, it draws you in and holds you for the entire 6 minutes.

Fred V & Grafix x Metrik – Tension: This is an exclusive collaboration between two of my favourite hospital records artists, and has both of their unique styles blended together – elements of J Pop from Metrik and guitars and other elements placed by Fred V & Grafix, the whole tune is held together by the beautiful vocals from Kate Westall.

Hugh Hardie – Sound System Dub: This is an amazing throwback to classic dnb, as it’s all about that bass- just load it up on a loud sound system and it’s almost too good. With a crazy constantly changing bassline, breaks all over the place, and vocal cuts penetrating throughout the mix, this is probably my favourite track on the LP.

Logistics – Shueng Wan: This is Logistics at his best, with an emotional lead and effortless drums, melodic bass and vocals, it is amazing to listen to, on headphones or out loud.

Other tracks that didnt make the list are: Krakota – North Winds, Ambient Jazz Orchestra – Waiting for Space, and Submotion Orchestra – Empty Love (GLXY Remix).

I would rate this release 5/5. Essential.