Metrik – Life / Thrills Review

Metrik’s second album, Life / Thrills, has just been released and it’s everything we expected and more from the producer. With dance floor tunes, liquid tracks and half-time beats this album is varied but yet concise, with a very consistent high quality. I will talk about my favourite three tracks: ‘Chasing Sunrise’, ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Western Jam’.

Chasing Sunrise (feat Elisabeth Troy) is a melodic liquid tune with a rolling breakbeat and searing synths accompanied by the mellow tones of the vocal. It has already been aired on Radio 1, and is the perfect end of summer anthem.

Northern Lights is classic Metrik, with harmonic synth lines, a catchy hook and bouncy beats alongside the sub-bass and vocals, this track has everything we wanted from Metrik’s return.

Finally, Western Jam is one for the clubs: a western themed rinse-out (watch the drop) with a hammering bassline and sizzling synths, all tied together with western sound effects throughout, it is definitely one that will be remembered.

Overall I rate this release 5/5, a must listen.


Cyantific FM 017 Podcast

This month’s edition of Cyantific FM is possibly the best yet, comprising new music from the new 10 years of symmetry album, new music from s.p.y, the prototypes and fourward, and it is all just mixed together so well. Cyantific is playing at the Viper Live event in Liverpool this Saturday (8th October), so you can catch him there. You can also listen using the link below, and there is a free download link on the soundcloud page.

Krakota – Strange System Review

Krakota has been on a roll as of late, with the stunning ‘Citadels EP’ releasing last September followed up by his debut LP ‘Strange System’ this month. Full of jungle breaks and 808s, moody synths and lots of deep bass, this is definitely one not to miss. The standout tracks for me were ‘North Winds’, ‘Turn Of Fate’ and ‘Half Life’.

North Winds is the first track on the LP, and starts the album off with an assault of clattering breaks and deep bass hits, accompanied with grinding, crushing harmonic frequencies pushing through the mix. A true jungle rinse out, this is an instant classic.

Turn Of Fate changes the tempo a bit, with vocal chops surrounded by reverberated synths and a slower, half-time tempo. Fear not though, because the bass is there and so is the second drop twist.

Half Life is my third stand-out track, mainly because it is an all out frenzy with full on energy after the drop, with a crunchy synth mirroring the bassline whilst providing momentum to push the track forward alongside the fierce drums.

I rate this 5/5, a must listen.

Loadstar – Red Rock / On The Wheels Review

The newest release from Loadstar comprises two new pieces: ‘Red Rock’ and ‘On The Wheels’. Red Rock starts as a pad filled atmospheric journey but quickly descends into chaos when it drops into a grinding bassline surrounded by scattered hihats and vocal chops. However, the flip side ‘On The Wheels’ lives up to its name, with the vocal chops reverberating throughout amongst the insane bassline and solid drum hits guaranteed to get the crowd moving. This EP is yet again another smasher, and is definitely one to watch out for over the summer.

Technimatic – Side Hustle (Preview)

Released as a free download as a preview for their upcoming album ‘Better Perspective’, this song is a masterpiece in its own right. Rolling out with chunky kicks and snares with a pad-like vocal sample, it drops into an intricate groove with a clean bass and reesy chops and stabs. In typical technimatic fashion, it breaks down before the second drop which is just sublime. If this is anything to go by, their next album will more than surpass expectations after their excellent debut LP in 2014.

Dimension – Automatik (Preview)

This has been making waves in the dnb scene over the last few weeks, and for good reason because it is one of the best songs I have heard in a while. Masterfully executed, with uplifting vibes and a classic dimension bassline, and crisp drums and pads filling out the higher frequencies, dimension is back with a vengeance in 2016. Just waiting on the flip side Hydraulic now.