NHS300 Review

Hospital Records have just reached 300 releases, and to celebrate have released an amazing collaboration album consisting of six tracks, each produced by a different duo of Hospital artists. It is a throwback to each artists signature sounds mixed together to create new and interesting results.

First up is Snakes and Ladders by London Electricity x Danny Byrd. This has the classic sound of both artists, with chopped vocals and strings weighed down by an LFO-heavy but melodic bassline, and an interesting drum pattern not heard before. Next is Apollo 69 by Reso x Frederic Robinson, an amen-break rinse out accompanied by Frederic’s signature chords and stabs, and a progressive feel. The following track is Flutterbyes (feat Prizm) by Logistics x Ownglow, and is a real classic with clean bass, pad and chord patterns and interesting sounds from Ownglow added to make it unique. Blind Eyes (feat Inja) is the next track by Whiney x Hugh Hardie, and it is what you expect: heavyweight bass, rolling vocals and crisp drums, however there are some sections with synths and pads causing a more melodic touch, and that breakdown is just beautiful. Next is Red Line by Bop x Urbandawn, which adds Urbandawn’s drums to a catchy roller, with strange ethereal soundscapes and plucked bass permeating through the mix. Finally is Reality by Keeno x Krakota, with Keeno’s classic haunting pad sounds accompanied by Krakota’s amen-style breaks and clear bass. Real jungle sounds here.

Overall I rate this release 5/5, a must listen.